• Pine Straw Mulch is more economical than traditional bark mulch.
  • Pine Straw Mulch retains all natural, auburn color throughout the season and brightens up after a rainfall.
  • Lightweight bales of Pine Straw Mulch reduce labor.
  • Pine Straw Mulch minimizes occurence of molds, fungus, insects and rodents.
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Thursday, February 20, 2020
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Long Needle Pine Straw Available

Available since 2015 - “Long Needle” Pine Straw

Since the 2015 season, Southern Pine Straw Mulch Company, LLC has supplied our customers with long needle pine straw. It’s superior qualities include greater resin content allowing the pine straw mulch to retain it’s color longer.

        Southern Pine Straw Mulch Company, LLC

Southern Pine Straw Mulch Company, LLC is the major supplier of pine straw for northern Ohio located in Concord Township, Ohio.

Use of pine straw as a ground cover mulch in landscaping around trees and in flowerbeds has been rising popularity throughout the South for the last 25 years because pine straw mulch is clean, attractive, and provides exceptional value for most landscaping situations. In fact, pine straw mulch is one of the most widely used mulches for all size projects ranging from residential flower beds to industrial complexes and highway landscapes.

Ohio is known as the Buckeye state, not the land of pine straw mulch. Instead, we do have lots of deciduous trees, and for years gardeners have used the ground bark from those trees as mulch. Bark mulch, however, is susceptible to molds and fungus, especially shotgun or artillery fungus (sphaerobolus stellatus), often has a repugnant barnyard odor and attracts insects like millipedes that thrive on decomposing matter. It also seems to break down so quickly that by the end of the season you are left with dirt and sticks and the prospect of doing it all over again next year... messy, smelly and definitely not economical!

So back in 1997, when we first saw pine straw mulch used extensively as mulch down south, we were intrigued. Being from Ohio, we had never seen anything quite like it.

In 1997, Southern Pine Straw Mulch Company, LLC seized the opportunity to become the major supplier of pine straw mulch for Ohio locating our distribution point in Concord Township, Ohio. Since then we have been pleased to be bringing pine straw mulch to the Buckeye Ohio state and surrounding norheast.

Pine straw mulch pick-up by appointment only!   Please call: (440) 251-3018

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